RAMPA Estudio

Design for the arts.

I am Gabriel Agazzi, artist, designer, performer, founder and head of Rampa. I have more than 10 years of experience working independently, communicating, translating, listening, transforming, providing another perspective.

I work together with the client, fostering and feeding on positive feedback and joint creation. Always looking to translate your needs and preferences into quality communication solutions. For this I also rely on an arc of collaborators, programmers, photographers, illustrators, or whatever the project requires.

My love and constant contact with the arts naturally led me to specialize in working with and for the arts, artists, and cultural and training spaces. I accompany film, theater, circus, dance, music projects, companies, collectives, associations, independent artists, galleries, etc. Providing solutions, helping to express, make yourself known, show your works or project through the development of identity systems, web, editorial, dossiers, posters, production of work, etc.

Design solutions from another sensitive being, who has the communication tools to make your project visible.

I love what I do, let's work together :)